Wednesday 24 April 2019

What is Assets HTTP API?

We know that AEM Supports 3 ways of headless delivery in JSON format.

1) Content Services
2) Assets HTTP API
3) Custom Sling Model Exporter

The Assets HTTP API exposes folders and assets from AEM to external world over Restful HTTP APIs.

The API is exposed at http://[server:port]/api/assets and allows all CRUD operations on Assets, including binary, metadata, renditions, and comments.

At present the Assets HTTP API supports the following operations:
  • Retrieve a folder listing
  • Create a folder
  • Create an asset
  • Update asset binary
  • Update asset metadata
  • Create an asset rendition
  • Update an asset rendition
  • Create an asset comment
  • Copy a folder or asset
  • Move a folder or asset
  • Delete a folder, asset, or rendition

Note: Ensure the property 'Filter Methods' l: POST, PUT, DELETE are selected at location > system/console/configMgr>'Adobe Granite CSRF Filter'.

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