Monday 20 May 2019

Debug AEM 6.x using eclipse

Note: This is a tested approach and works for AEM 6.4

Step 1:
Add the Remote Debugging JVM Parameter

In Start.bat update 'CQ_JVM_OPTS' by adding below code


Click on image to see it big

Step 2: Start a remote debugging session in Eclipse

  • Open Eclipse then choose Run > Debug Configurations.
  • Right-click 'Remote Java Applications' and select 'New'.
  • Select the AEM project under 'Project'.
  • Under 'connection Properties' enter the host. For local dev machine it is 'localhost'.
  • Enter the port configuration of the jvm parameter defined in step 1. In the example, we have given port number as 8000.
  • Save the configuration.
  • Now double-click the newly saved configuration in the Debug Configurations screen.

Demo Video

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