Tuesday 4 July 2017

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Desktop App installation

AEM Desktop app maps the AEM Assets to a network directory. This helps to view the AEM assets in Windows/Mac Explorer/Finder. The assets can also be edited using various image-editing apps. All changes are reflected immediately in AEM Assets and gets synced quickly.

Which version of OS supported by AEM Desktop App?
At present the Windows(Version 7 and 10) and MacOSX(10.10 or later)

Where to get installer?
Go to helpx.adobe site and access the path 'experience-manager/kb/download-companion-app.html'. Select the version which you are interested and download the app.

I am using previous version of AEM. Can I use the desktop app with older version of AEM?
AEM 6.3 supports the app directly without any service pack installations. Refer the download section for the service pack required for older version (6.2,6.1)

How does the desktop app sync the data?
AEM Desktop app saves files first in local system. Later, the upload to AEM Server happens on back end. This ensures that user is not interrupted on bigger uploads and all versions are maintained intact. There is also option to monitor the upload process using Desktop App upload monitoring dialog.

Installation steps
  • Download the installer.
  • Double click on .msi file (for Windows OS)

Follow the on screen instructions. (Change the drive in case if you want to install the app in other drive)

Connecting AEM Desktop App with AEM Instance
Select the AEM Desktop app from start
Enter the Connection root - your AEM Instance url > Enter 'Go'

Enter the user credentials, Sign In

On task bar we can see the AEM icon, clicking on this will give us options to work with AEM Desktop app


  • To see the assets of connected host, click on 'Explore Assets'
  • To see any upload status, click on 'Show back ground upload queue status'
  • We can also forget, disconnect current connection.
  • Configuration includes , connect on application start & Launch application on startup.
  • Advanced options provides log info , clear cache.

Debug AEM Desktop App installer issues

There are cases where the app will not launch after installation.

1) Ensure other apps are not running in the same port. Close any such applications.
2) Ensure the bit locker in unlocked if you are using it.

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