Tuesday 26 September 2017

Ensuring the delivery & maintenance of an effective customer experience application through AEM

An effectively built AEM application can improve the revenue of a site remarkably. Some times it is seen that sites are delivered once, and not much improvements done later on or abandoned completely.

Right team mix for improving the application
Combining Targeting team and analytic team, an AEM site performance can be improved. The data/insight can be converted to make the site more powerful. To do this we have to have a vision for the improvement.

Digital Strategy/Vision

Ensuring effective targeted results, personalized experiences can be a good way to define the strategy. A right mix of various teams like service, sales and then enabling them for digital activation & engagement found most helpful in various scenarios. You need to be Agile - Think big, start small, acting fast.

How do we create a world class digital application? How do we mix the things in right blend?

1. Aim of maximizing search efficiency utilizing the tools like test & targeting -  for a better user search and engagement.
2. Commercial focus - Study the trend and incorporate in to the application.
3. Cross channel integration - Integrate with all possible channels.
5. Customer focus - Utilize test & target to improve content/ right content, improve application context.
6. Data & insights driven - Run your tests based on data for different campaign, different segments, different audience, different device, location on different device.
7. Continuous improvement - Continuous testing in 'multiple onsite location with various experiences'; possibly an in person testing. Try out various campaigns, promotions etc.
8. Optimize - Engage users(internal, external) in surveys and capture the data for further improvements - optimize.
8. Geo-location Consideration - serve the user based on his Geo, language and right content.
9. Use tool based improvement : machine based learning, automation etc

There are some ways to achieve continuous improvement and optimization.

Targeting -

  • On various Geo location, languages
  • On various device types
  • Various products like desktop app, mobile app,promotions etc.
  • Search - combine the test and target approach

Testing -

  • Creative - Effective UI testing
  • Promotion & offers - Geo location/ user specific based validations
  • Layouts - on desktop, mobile etc.
  • Segments - User segments
  • CTA's - Each and every CTA's