Friday 10 June 2022

A pointer to successively passing AD5-E113 AEM as a Cloud Service Architect Recertification Exam

Recently I have successfully completed the recertification of AD5-E113 (AEM as a Cloud Service Architect Recertification Exam) which is basically an extension of 'AD0-E117 - Adobe Certified Master - Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect (Adobe Experience Manager)'.

My first thoughts
We assume re-certifications are easy to deal with. But it is not always the case. 

To clear the 'AD0-E117' we will have to be thorough with AEM basics and advanced concepts, but AD5-E113 AEM as a Cloud Service Architect Recertification Exam, we need to be double strong with (AEMaaCS)'AEM As a cloud service concepts'. Let us analyze the certification details further.

The certification duration is 1.5 Hrs and recertification can be taken through 'examity' certification portal.

The certification areas and credits are broken down as below.

  • Architecture and design - 9 questions
  • System maintenance - 2 questions
  • Discovery - 3 questions
  • Solution Design - 9 questions
  • Implementation - 4 questions
  • Configuration and deployment - 8 questions
  • Maintenance - 4 questions

When I took the certification in the month of June 2022, it had 39 questions overall.

Below given pointers will definitely help you while preparing for the re-certification.

AEM as a cloud service specific questions were around below topics

  • Licensing and credits of AEMaaCS, Various environment concepts
  • AEMaaCS - IMS configurations
  • AEMaaCS Indexing concepts
  • AEMaaCS Code quality concepts
  • AEM as a cloud service(AEMaaCS) pipeline concepts like various gates and thresholds
  • AEMaaCS Git, branching and merging concepts when we have multiple repositories
  • AEMaaCS deployment error analysis
  • AEM Dispatcher configurations in generic and AEMaaCS changes like filters etc.
  • AEMaaCS Access levels and various permissions w.r.t developer, admin, business owner
  • AEMaaCS dispatcher changes while moving to AEM as a cloud
  • AEMaaCS asset concepts, architectural decisions
  • AEMaaCS replication(reverse) concepts and how to deal with it
  • AEMaaCS maintenance activities - who owns what
  • AEMaaCS DAM update asset workflow and related changes
  • AEMaaCS Logs and analysis options
  • Site performance w.r.t. AEMaaCS

Generic questions were from below topics

  • AEM Sling jobs
  • Sling Content Distribution
  • Dynamic media concepts around smartcroping, smart imaging
  • Valid template counts for specific types of AEM pages.
  • Site performance analysis and decissions to be made as an architect w.r.t dispatcher configurations or in generic

Final Note:
My recommendation is, even though you are working as an AEM architect, you must go through the documentation of AEMaaCS(Preferrably the conceptual articles rather than the videos) multiple times before attempting the certification exam.

Watch Below Youtube Shorst, this will definitely help you !