Monday 1 April 2019

AEM 6.5 Site related new features

Let us see the key features with AEM 6.5 Sites:

AEM is growing and improving as a best hybrid CMS now by providing or sharpening features like content services. AEM 6.5 provides extended support for hybrid Content Services now.

Major site specific features are given below.
  • - Core components - Extensions, Live Coding, Maven Archetype
  • - SPA Integration - support for react & Angular Javascript frameworks
  • - Direct content API - Content Fragments support in Assets HTTP API
  • - Experience Fragment export to Adobe Target

AEM Sites 6.5 - Core components & Maven Archtype
->There are new core components added in AEM 6.5. Creating a new or extending existing site in AEM - with or without SPA JavaScript framework is more flexible now.

- Total 20 easy to style & production ready components that are configurable in Template
- New components added as part of AEM 6.5 are: Teaser, Tab, Carousal & Separator
- The step by step tutorial to get started is now enhanced.
- Added live coding support with

AEM 6.5 Sites - Support for react and Angular - SPA Editor
-> A better experiences built with SPA Javascript frameworks

- SPA Editor for in-context editing, composition, configuration and layout the experiences
- Step - by Step tutorial to learn how to build new or more existing SPA into AEM
- Javascript SDK for React & Angular to annotate existing code to make it work in AEM
- Server side rendering of SPA JS code for accelerated delivery and improved SEO
- New Maven Archetype for headless/SPA projects

AEM Sites 6.5 - Content Fragments in AEM HTTP API
-> Delivery of structured AEM Content over direct content API, which broaden AEM support of headless CMS Scenarios

- Enablement of output in JSON format
- Extension of AEM Assets HTTP API
- HTTP REST API for Content Fragment Delivery (Full CRUD Support Later)
- Bulk delivery of fragment structure and content

AEM Sites 6.5 Content Fragments DIFF View & Annotations
-> Editorial content governance for AEM Content Fragments

- Review content changes in content fragments across versions
i) side-by-side view, accessible in Assets admin Timeline view
ii) Ability to revert to previous version
- Annotate text in content fragment editor
i) View in rich text editing mode as well as editor default view
ii) Also visible in Assets Admin Timeline view

AEM Sites 6.5 - Export Experience Fragments
-> AEM 6.5 provides advanced experience personalization using AEM and Adobe Target with support for hybrid (HTML) and Headless (JSON) scenarios

- Define re-usable experiences in AEM and in Target activities
- Markup delivery by Target, referenced media assets by AEM
- Ability to support Target HTML offers and JSON offers
- Ability to delete Experience Fragments and associated Target offers from within AEM.

AEM Sites 6.5 - New Translation Enhancements
-> Increasing the efficiency of content translation with AEM through automation and improved 3rd party integrations

- Allow translation projects to use AEM Project masters
- Allow updating translated pages with updates in 3rd party Translation Memory
- Allow exporting translation jobs in JSON Format
- Auto approve translation jobs
- Auto - delete translation launches

What are all the new features of AEM 6.5?

Below given the further details about new features.

AEM 6.5 Site related new features

AEM 6.5 Specific new features in Assets section

New Features in AEM 6.5 Forms

Foundation updates in AEM 6.5 which a developer should be aware of

Cloud Manager for AEM 6.5 New features

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  1. I'm interested in exporting translation jobs in JSON? Where is this implemented?