Monday 1 April 2019

Cloud Manager for AEM New features

Below given the major new features in AEM cloud manager released in January 2019

1) CI/CD Pipeline Enhancements

- Ability to schedule deployment trigger
- API integration through Adobe I/O
- Code quality check on non -production pipeline
- Creation of additional non -production pipeline

2) Reporting Dashboard
- Monitoring interactive dashboard, including visibility into
    i) basic system metrics
    ii) SLA reports
    iii) Security health status

3) Release Upgrades
- Evaluation of current code complexity
- Remediation through sandbox environment prior to upgrade
- Execution through blue-green deployment
What are all the new features of AEM 6.5?

Below given the further details about new features.
AEM 6.5 Site related new features

AEM 6.5 Specific new features in Assets section

New Features in AEM 6.5 Forms

Foundation updates in AEM 6.5 which a developer should be aware of

Cloud Manager for AEM 6.5 New features

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