Monday 1 April 2019

AEM 6.5 Specific new features in Assets section

Let us see the assets specific new features in AEM 6.5

AEM Assets 6.5 - Adobe Asset Link

-> The new and improved Adobe Asset Link helps to discover , use and edit assets from AEM directly within Creative Cloud desktop apps.

- We can place assets in your designs, download a copy
- Add new assets to AEM directly from CC apps
- Search AEM Assets & CC Assets, access collections, preview assets & Basic metadata directly from CC apps - PS , ID, AI
- Check out. in assets stored in AEM assets directly from PS, ID and AI into CC Assets
- Keep work in progress assets and final production assets in separate locations
- Single Sign On with your Creative Cloud SSO credentials for access to digital assets from AEM Assets

AEM Assets 6.5 - AEM Desktop App Update
-> Open and edit any asset type in any desktop application (Including non- Adobe assets)

- Search for assets directly from the desktop app and find them
- Preview assets and open them in the associated desktop application
- Browse assets from AEM in a dedicated desktop app built- in browser - limit the need to use Finder/Explorer
- Edit assets locally and upload changes to AEM when done
- Upload files and folder hierarchies to AEM with progress monitoring

AEM Assets 6.5 - Adobe Stock Integration
-> Search and license Adobe Stock assets from AEM UI

- License and save original assets from Adobe Stock to AEM
- Search , preview and save Adobe Stock assets directly from AEM Assets Web UI

AEM Assets 6.5 - Remote DAM for Sites Authoring
This is a very useful feature which was expected from quite long time.

- This helps sites authors to leverage assets from Remote DAM for authoring web pages
- Configure connection with Remote DAM on cloud
- Search seamlessly on Remote DAM from content finder
- Drag & Drop remote assets into local sites page editor like a local asset
- Preview web pages with Remote DAM assets
- Further edit remote DAM assets on Sites instance with a local copy
- Publish pages with remote DAM assets

AEM Assets 6.5 Brand Portal Enhancements:Asset Distribution

- Enhances user reporting (login, share)
- Browse and search enhancements
- File acceleration for downloads
- Guest Access
- Ability to schedule publishing
- Dynamic Media video support
- Configurable URL
- Folder hierarchy support for multi brand, team usage
- Original asset access restrictions
- Additional admin configurations
- Performance enhancements

AEM Assets 6.5 - Brand Portal - Asset Sourcing

- Direct folder share with external agency from DAM
- Upload capability on Brand Portal for sourcing brand, campaign assets from external agencies, teams
- Publish to DAM for review and multi-channel campaign usage
- New contributor role for external agency user persona
- Admin configurations to control upload sizes

AEM Assets 6.5 - User Experience Enhancements

- New permission management tool in touch UI
- Accessibility Enhancements
- Improved bulk operations with 'Select All' Capability

AEM Assets 6.5 Dynamic Search Facets
->There is a new dynamic faceted search for a faster experience

- This feature helps in providing dynamic filters and search results count is provided at filter / facet level

AEM Assets 6.5 - Visual Search
->Adobe Sensei powered search for finding visually similar assets

- Find similar action in card, list and detail view
- Leverage search facets to further refine search results

AEM Assets 6.5 - Dynamic Media + Sensei
->ML/AI Extended to video. This is a notable feature as part of AEM 6.5

- Video Smart Crop - Automatically re-crop a video to new aspect ratios while preserving the points of interest inside that video
- Best Frame Selection- Automatically recommending optimal thumbnails when customers upload a video
- Video Smart Tags - Automatically add suggested tags based on the video's content.

What are all the new features of AEM 6.5?

Below given the further details about new features.
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AEM 6.5 Specific new features in Assets section

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Foundation updates in AEM 6.5 which a developer should be aware of

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