Monday 1 April 2019

New Features in AEM 6.5 Forms

In this blog, we will understand about the latest features as part of AEM 6.5 forms

AEM 6.5 Forms are built with consideration of,  Mobile First Forms & Personalized Correspondence.

- Support new use cases with interactive communications
- OOTB Forms components for AEM Sites SPA
- Simplified OSGI workflow authoring
- Enhanced Adobe Sign integration

AEM Forms 6.5 - Output & Customer Communications
->Additional Capabilities to support new use cases are given below,

- Support for new layout and templates
- Introduction of new charting styles to address new wealth management use cases
- Auto generate web channel to retain Print Channel layouts
- Usability Enhancements , Drag and drop from FDM tree to bind variables and fields.

AEM Forms 6.5 - Simplified Workflow Authoring
-> Support for variables and re-usability of workflows

- Simplified Debugging with standardized workflow logs
- Support for custom data types in meta data
- Reduce dependency on ECMA scripts and manually populate meta data across workflow steps
- Introduction of an OOTB ability to declare variables/ meta data upfront and read and populate them across workflow steps
- Increased re-usability of workflows via invocation using multiple forms.

AEM Forms 6.5 - Enhanced Forms and Adobe Sign Integration
-> Support for cloud signatures in Adaptive Forms

- Enables compliance with most rigorous legal and regulatory requirements.
- Signing using Digital ID's based on PKI infrastructure based digital certificates

AEM Forms 6.5 - Embed Forms and Documents in AEM Sites SPA
->Embed Adaptive Forms and interactive Communications web channel in SPA based AEM Sites

- Offer compelling experiences to website users through Single Page Applications
- OOTB components o embed online forms and documents in SPA Sites.
- Aligns with AEM sites framework to support SPA based sites.

What are all the new features of AEM 6.5?

Below given the further details about new features.
AEM 6.5 Site related new features

AEM 6.5 Specific new features in Assets section

New Features in AEM 6.5 Forms

Foundation updates in AEM 6.5 which a developer should be aware of

Cloud Manager for AEM 6.5 New features

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