Tuesday 4 December 2018

AEM 6.5? Heard about it?

Adobe Experience Manager has releaed AEM 6.5 as part of Adobe Summit 2019( April 2019). Hope you are aware of the news now. AEM 6.5 will be available for general public from April 8 2019.

Yes the fact is that AEM 6.5 was available for Solution partners for the product review till then.

How can I get AEM 6.5 for download?
You need to contact Adobe by registering their website.

When will I get it?
As of now Adobe has invited partners who are interested in testing out new features of AEM 6.5 So we need to wait for further communication.

What are all the new features of AEM 6.5?

Below given the further details about new features.

AEM 6.5 Site related new features

AEM 6.5 Specific new features in Assets section

New Features in AEM 6.5 Forms

Foundation updates in AEM 6.5 which a developer should be aware of

Cloud Manager for AEM 6.5 New features

AEM 6.5 New Features

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