Monday 10 December 2018

Experience Fragment Use cases in AEM 6.4

An Experience Fragment is a set of content that grouped together forms an experience that should make sense on its own.

Experience Fragment :
- is a part of an experience.
- makes sense of its own.
- has one or multiple components.
- can be combined with other Experience Fragments.
- can be reused, reordered and resized across pages.
- can have different variations.
- is based on a template with its own structure.

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Below given a video series which gives a walk through of AEM 6.4 Experience Fragments

What is an Experience Fragment and its use cases

Create Experience Fragment in AEM 6.4 And authoring them

Create Variations of Experience Fragment for web, Facebook, Pinterest and author them

Deliver Experience Fragments on Webpage, or other cross channel applications like Facebook & Pinterest

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