Friday 14 December 2018

Setting up an environment to run Progressive Web Applications

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We need Node Package Manager for running this tutorial. Follow below steps to install node and related tools.

Step 1: Install npm, Node
As part of deploying PWA, we will use Node js & Node Package Manager(npm). While installing Node.js, we will automatically get npm installed on computer.

Use this link for node js download.

List of all Operating System installers :

Once npm and node is installed, ensure below commands are returning respective versions to confirm the installation was successful.

cmd> node -v

cmd> npm -v

Step 2: Install Serve

Serve helps developing a static PWA project, When ever there is a single page application or just a static file needs to be deployed, we can use 'serve' module.

Follow below steps to install serve. More details here []

Execute below command to install serve.

cmd> npm install -g serve

Once serve package is installed, please ensure installation was successful by running below command.

cmd> serve -v

Once server module is installed, you can go inside any folder and just run below command to start the server and deploy the single page.

cmd> serve .



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