Friday 14 December 2018

Integrate PWA & AEM and retrieve the AEM content from PWA.

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Create & Author Content Fragments in AEM

Hope the Content Fragment and related changes are published already.

Now let us enable CORS, Anonymous access in publish environment.

Step 1: Add CORS details:

Since we are going to access the Content Fragment from external application, we may get CORS error(Cross-origin resource sharing). To enable the CORS access, we need to make some changes in AEM publish instance.

Go to AEM system > Console > ConfigManager > Apache Sling Main Servlet

Click on (+) icon and add new property for 'Additional response headers' as 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin=http://localhost:5000'

[AEM CORS ISSUE RESOLVED] - click on image to see it big

The new Content Fragment Model is now anonymously accessible on AEM Publish.

Now go back to PWA home page and click on the button, you can see that data is retrieved from AEM as shown below.

[Content Fragment Output to third party PWA application]
We now created a sample PWA and pulled content from AEM.

If you face any issue and need help in running this demo, please let me know through the comments.




  1. That's a nice article with example about amp .

  2. Why u did n't use the Adobe Granite Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Policy to achieve the same thing as Adobe Granite Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Policy is meant for cors use case only.