Tuesday 10 June 2014

Dialog , Design Dialog in AEM/CQ


Dialogues will have
1) Field label: messaging information about input.
2) xtype:  type of the user interface
3) Name: is responsible for storage mechanism(it will always start with./ if it is used as storage mechanism)

While creating multiple fields under dialog, new nodes should be named as items.
xtype property is the user name field in dialogs.
items node, image path field -> add xtypepathfield; fieldLabel: Please select an image;name
Widgets located at:
Readable, CQ API : http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/5-5/widgets-api/index.html -

Design dialog:[design dialogname/labelshould be always ‘design_dialog’]
Take data input and config info as dialog. But data entered will always remain throughout all pages once we define a data
Note:Widget collection holds widgets
·         In edit mode, dialog always opens on double click.
·         Design dialog can be opened by going to design.

design_dialog’s properties are saved in website design level. So we need to use corresponding API to get the values stored indesign_dialog
Edit config:cq:editConfig - node used to keep edit options for a component/dialog

CQ Samples in github : https://github.com/davidjgonzalez/com.activecq.samples/tree/master/core/src/main/java/com/activecq/samples

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