Tuesday 10 June 2014

AEM/CQ Common issues

Rectify Content Assist issue in AEM/ Adobe CQ(5.6)
We need CRXDE to have installedfuture pack to get content assist for JSP pages
Download link: http://blogs.adobe.com/livecycle/2012/06/developers-faq-on-cq5-5.html
·         Missing crx de libs(missing-crxde-libs.zip) to be install through package manager.
·         Now rename or delete user>.crxde folder, restart the crxde so that content assist works fine.

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Notes: Some times cq5.6 gives error on jsp pages. Remove below codes to avoid issues:
<cq:include path="toptoolbar" resourceType="foundation/components/toolbar"/>
<cq:include path="toolbar" resourceType="foundation/components/toolbar"/>

Error /Failure in Workflow custom process "Process implementation not found: "
The reason may be you are creating bundle using CRXDELite and below codes are commented.
#Export-Package: *
#Import-Package: *

Solution:So you have to uncomment to get the workflow success.

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