Thursday 5 June 2014

AEM(Adobe Experience Manager)- Day CQ Basics

AEM(Adobe Experience Manager)- Day CQ

As we all know CQ/AEM(Adobe Experience Manager) is one of the latest Content Management System(CMS) available in market. All cms do below tasks on its own.

  • Versioning
  • publishing
  • work flow
  • indexing & searching

History of CQ/AEM
  • cq1 beginner product of CQ

  • cq2 used c language, files system to store data(platform dependent)

  • 2002 cq3- java(started using internal WAP server for http requests CQSE - servlet engine)
           Also having connectors to connect various data bases
  • 2005 CQ 4 (added independent storage part)
         CRX repository was added.Later was provided to Apache commons
  • 2008 CQ 5
          0,2.0,2.1,3,4,5 fixed bugs and added new features.
  • 2010 Adobe acquired day

  • 2013 AEM 5.6 version

  • AEM 6.0 architecture changed,

           Features include Global Site Management, DAM AND Dynamic media, Social Collaboration features, newer development features and some architectural changes, etc

Technologies involved in CQ/AEM

Technology Features
Apache Jackrabit open source repository (following JCR specifications) crx repository
Apache felix OSGI container
Apache PDF box indexing of the pdf files
Apache shinding only for hosting gadgets
Apache aries JMS functionality
Apache tika Indexing of all items/binding content except pdf
EXTJS to implement user interface components
JQuery JS framework
Less.js java script framework
CQSE-(not open source) internal WAP

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