Tuesday 10 June 2014

AEM/ Adobe CQ: Version controlling

AEM/ Adobe CQ: Version controlling

CQ uses svn by default.
Filevault ( VLT)is used when we need crx file system to be available in local system(like accessing code using eclipse).
Create back up of crx code using file vault
To set up the filevault, we need to unzip the filevault file and configure its bin path to system path variable.
Export project from CQ to local machine
c:\CQ5_training\backup>vlt --credentials admin:admin export -v http://localhost:4505/crx /apps/training .
Above command creates a jcr_root folder in backup folder and put all files from crx
Import Project from Local file system to CQ
c:\CQ5_training\backup>vlt --credentials admin:admin import -v http://localhost:4505/crx . /apps/training
Once user credential is entered, it is not required again bcz, the user credential is saved in user directory> vault folder as an xml file.
Checkout just directory structure, not entire project
backup>vlt -co http://localhost:4505/crx/-/jcr:root/apps/training .

Identify locally modified files, execute below command.
jcr_root>vlt -st

Identify difference in local and crx files, execute below command.
jcr_root>vlt -diff complex/components/test.jsp
jcr_root>vlt diff will give all changed fields comparison in jcr_rot checked out directory

commit changes to code repository:
All files:
jcr_root>vlt - ci
Single file commit:
jcr_root>vlt - ci filename

Note: ci,st,diffcommaond only works withchecked out code , not exported code.

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Filevault commands reference:
Command             Description
export             Export the Vault filesystem

  import            Import a Vault filesystem

  checkout (co)      Checkout a Vault file system

  analyze            Analyze packages

status (st)        Print the status of working copy files and directories.

update (up)        Bring changes from the repository into the working copy.

info               Displays information about a local file.

commit (ci)        Send changes from your working copy to the repository.

revert (rev)       Restore pristine working copy file (undo most local edits).

resolved (res)     Remove 'conflicted' state on working copy files ordirectories.

propget (pg)       Print the value of a property on files or directories.

proplist (pl)      Print the properties on files or directories.

propset (ps)       Set the value of a property on files or directories.

add                Put files and directories under version control.

delete (del,rm)    Remove files and directories from version control.

diff (di)          Display the differences between two paths.

rcp                Remote copy of repository content.

  sync               Control vault sync service

  console            Run an interactive console

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