Tuesday 10 June 2014

AEM/CQ Internalization

Internalization for content authoring

Assists author in his own language preference. Use i18n to specify the internationalization. iso code(fr,de,enetc) of the langue to be used for each node specific to each language
How to create internationalization for a project in AEM?
Follow below steps to create internationalization.
·         Create language folder using sling:Folder,
·         add property jcr:language with iso specification (jcr:language : en)
·         Add mixing

Translator: http://localhost:4505/libs/cq/i18n/translator.html
By Above tool/URL we can add new language internationalization messages. Click on 'Add' and enter fields and submit.
Admin/User language settings in AEM
Changing admin level language can be done through Administrator (right top) -> preferences->Language

Backups & restore CQ files

AEM provide online & offline backups.
Online:Online method creates a backup of the entire repository, including CQ5. We can perform this method while the repository is in use.
Offline:Creates a backup of the CRX repository files including all of the information stored in CRX, so you can restore the exact state of the repository during backup.
Also incremental so it updates only next day components to backup.

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