Thursday 17 May 2018

Test the configuration for AEM 6.4 Personalization

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In AEM 6.4 personalization works based on;
  • Experience, 
  • Activities and 
  • ContextHub. 
Let us see how can we test a basic Personalization in AEM 6.4 by creating a sample. AEM 6.4 configuration is almost same as in AEM 6.3.  

Below are the steps to create personalization in Latest AEM.
How to test personalization in AEM 6.4.
In this post we are explaining about the testing of personalization. Hope you have gone through the article for creating personalization in AEM 6.4  

Open the page where targeting is enabled and Experiences are authored.

  • Go to preview mode of the page. You can see the default image which was authored is displayed. In this case user persona is anonymous.

  • Click on persona so that other users appears.

  • Select a male user and see the image is updated as per the experience defined(Male)

  • Select a female user from persona and see the experience s updated.

 This ensures that our previously configured sample personalization is working fine in AEM 6.4

Demo Video:
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