Wednesday 30 May 2018

How to create a Content Fragment in AEM 6.4? Step by step tutorial

Content Fragment helps to author content without creating a Page. The advantage with Content Fragment is that same content can be shared across various channels without worrying about the display part.

What type of data, a Content Fragment can hold?

Content Fragment has well defined content structure, which can hold text segments and references to assets likes images, videos etc.

Steps to create Content Fragments

To start with , go to Assets > Files > Click on Create , Content Fragment

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Content Fragment

Select the template as shown(Default Simple Fragment Template). We can either have our new templates created based on the content requirement or use the default one. Click on Next

In 'Properties' section fill up the basic details of this fragment.

Advanced section will have an auto populated name. We can edit it in case we need our custom property/url here.

Click on 'Create' will show you the success message as shown below. On clicking 'Done' will show the new Content Fragment.

There are many options for a Content Fragment once created. The header bar will have options like download, checkout, edit, manage tags, adding collections copy, move, publish, un-publish delete etc.

Edit options for a content fragment is quiet flexible, through which we can update the textual content, create variations, add / edit metadata etc.

Through 'Create variation' we can create different version of content based on our requirement. These variations are used across different channels.

Now the variation created  will have below action items.

Clicking the 'folder' icon provides us the option to associate content with this content fragment.

On clicking 'metadata' section helps to update the metadata associate with the fragment.

Once all updates are done, save the content fragment to ensure all changes are submitted to crx. The new content fragment created can be found at path '/content/dam'.

YouTube demo videos for Content Fragments:

Download a Content Fragment

The created Content Fragment can be downloaded as shown below. The downloaded fragment can have all related information selected while creation. Unzipping the fragment displays the folder contents.

Unzipped file will have a metadata file with all information.

Deleting a Content Fragment

In the Assets console navigate to the location of the content fragment, Select the fragment and click on delete from tool bar menu.

In the upcoming posts I will be explaining authoring and utilization of Content Fragments.

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