Thursday 17 May 2018

Create Activity For Personalization in AEM 6.4

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Below are the steps to create personalization in Latest AEM.
In This post we are going to explain the Activity creation. As mentioned in the previous post,we can create activity through Activity or offers section of Personalization.

Steps to create an activity.

  • Go to the previously created brand, click on create > Create Activity.

  • In Details page fill out the details. Ensure ContextHub is selected as a target engine. We have 'client side AEM rules' and 'Adobe Target' as additional options.

  • In Target section, click on add experience and select an experience as per your needs.

  • (We have selected male)

  • Click on 'Add Experience' and provide an Experience Name and click OK.

  • Now the target section looks like this.

  • In Goals & Settings section update the duration and priority if required. Click on Save.

  • Now the newly created activity is listed below.

  • We also have edit options on selecting the created activity.

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