Thursday 17 May 2018

Personalization in AEM 6.4 - Basic Understanding

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Personalization in AEM 6.4 can be done through Targets or ContextHubs

In AEM 6.4 personalization works based on;
  • Experience, 
  • Activities and 
  • ContextHub. 
Let us see how can we test a basic Personalization in AEM 6.4 by creating a sample. AEM 6.4 configuration is almost same as in AEM 6.3.  

Below are the steps to create personalization in Latest AEM.
 Let us understand some basic terms of personalization.

Follow the 'Read More' section in order to understand the steps involved in AEM 6.4 personalization.

NEXT:Detailed steps of creating Personalization is given in this post with an example.

Watch the demo video:

Read More:

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Steps to configure personalization from brands, activity with a sample 

Test Configured personalization

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