Monday 28 June 2021

Difference between Brand portal, Asset Share commons & Dynamic Media

People usually gets confused with various asset management tools from Adobe. Since each product has its relevancy, here we will try to compare those tools.

What is the difference between Brand Portal & Asset Share Commons?

Functionally, Brand Portal and Asset Share Commons both does similar things, provide assets stored in your AEM Assets to users without allowing them access to items that should be protected. These two tools options are simple in setup, configure so that the implementations are minimal.

Brand Portal(This one is Licensed by Adobe) has been described as a secure, cloud enabled service for on-demand asset distribution to internal teams, external partners, agencies, and resellers for marketing purpose. The customizations are very limited in case of Brand Portal.

Where in Asset Share Commons is a technical reference implementation(a reference for AEM developers when developing asset sharing functionality) of 'asset share' functionality built using Adobe Experience Manager best practices. The source code is available in Github project page(Non licensed and no warranty product). Since it is an open-source project, contributions and enhancements can be done on this.

What are all the difference between Dynamic media & Brand portal

Dynamic Media combines the power of asset management with rich media delivery ( create, adjust, brand, and deploy interactive viewers using the WYSIWYG Viewer Designer). Basically Dynamic Media is an evolution of Scene7 (Dynamic Media Classic). Scene7 was a stand alone product and Adobe bought scene7 and now it is re branding it to dynamic media by adding more features to it.

The feature list consists of:

Single user interface and platform for managing images and video, Seamless integration with Adobe Experience Manager, Innovative merchandising features, Powered by the robust and proven delivery platform.

Where in Brand portal(cloud-based SAAS offering) helps you easily acquire, control, and securely distribute approved creative assets to external parties and internal business users across devices. It helps improve the efficiency of asset sharing, accelerates the time-to-market for assets, and reduces the risk of non-compliance and unauthorized access. We can easily integrate Brand Portal with AEM.

Final Verdict

Dynamic media is for Collaboration and shared file sync with Adobe Creative Cloud applications, where in Brand portal/asset share commons is to share to external people.
Both support asset operations and approval workflows. So chose the prouct after understanding the proper requirements.



 Difference between  Brand portal, Asset Share commons & Dynamic Media

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