Friday 25 June 2021

Assets Essentials Vs AEM Assets As Cloud

 Recently Adobe launched Assets Essentials. Let us take a look at the difference between Assets Essentials and AEM Assets and find out which suits customers.

Assets Essentials is a lightweight version of Adobe Experience Manager Assets with a simplified user experience for marketing and creative pros to store, discover, and distribute digital assets across teams. This is designed to help brands connect more agile users with the digital assets they need to deliver rich customer experiences.

Assets Essentials is cloud-based and enables customers to start with essential asset management capabilities and seamlessly upgrade to the advanced enterprise DAM, AEM Assets, as their business needs grow.

Assets Essentials is the new default asset management UI for Experience Cloud. Assets Essentials will serve as the default asset management experience across Experience Cloud apps, starting with the new Adobe Journey Optimizer and later this year with Adobe Workfront.

Some of the features of Experience Manager Assets Essentials are given below

  • Collaborative workspace unites teams
  • Simplified asset management
  • Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud integrations
  • Cloud-based peace of mind
  • AI-powered search, discovery, and management
  • Quick and easy, intuitive user interface
  • Find the assets you need to assemble and personalize messages across the customer journey using workflows
  • Unify work and asset management to personalized experiences at scale

AEM Assets As Cloud
Experience Manager Assets offers a cloud-native solution with an AI and machine learning backbone. It provides wings to creatives and marketers & Supports enhanced asset management integrations (solution specific)

Some of the differences

Assets Essentials - User Experience - Configurable
Adobe Experience Manager Assets - User Experience – Customizable

Assets Essentials - (Basic) Asset Management & Library Services

Adobe Experience Manager Assets - (Advanced) Asset Management & Library Services

Assets Essentials - (Basic) Security & Rights Management

Adobe Experience Manager Assets - (Advanced) Security & Rights Management

Assets Essentials - Supports Experience Cloud Connections
Adobe Experience Manager Assets -  can integrate with Dynamic Media, Asset Portals (Brand Portal, Asset Share)

The verdict

Always start with essential DAM capabilities and grow to Enterprise DAM as business needs growth.
Customers with heavy weight asset management requirements should consider AEM Assets Cloud Service over Assets Essentials. The emphasis should be on the customer’s requirements to determine the right solution.

Assets Essentials creates an entry path for customers to start with the essential DAM capabilities to extend access to content to more users within a larger enterprise and seamlessly upgrade them to AEM Assets Cloud Service as their business expands(i.e. need more features, analytics, campaign integration etc.).


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