Monday 23 April 2018

Machine Learning Enabled Features in AEM

AEM version 6 onward utilizes the machine learning algorithms. Let us understand the major AEM features based on machine learning techniques.

Machine Learning in AEM

Smart Tags
 Deep learning based image tagging

Enhanced Smart Tags
 Adds ability to teach the smart Tagging feature to recognize your own concepts for eg logos

Smart Cropping
 Automatically identifies the most important parts of an image and crops appropriately

Smart Swatching
 Automatically identifies best/most representative region of image for color swatch

Smart Translation Search
 Does on-the-fly translation of search queries to support multiple language search

Smart Summarization
 Summarizes a text by identifying the most important sentences

Expert Scoring
 Identifies experts among community users

Spam detection for communities
 Automatically flags potential spam comments

Smart Forms Conversion(Tech preview for 6.4)
 Allows for semi-automation of forms conversion from any format to AEM format using deep learning

Smart Layout (Tech preview for 6.4)
 Suggests Layouts for different audiences based on KPIs and content understanding

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Interested in taking a first look at AEM 6.4 UI and dash board? Watch this video.

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Machine Learning Enabled Features in AEM

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