Tuesday 24 April 2018

AEM 6.4 features which a developer must aware of

AEM 6.4 has a lot more features which directly enables the developers activities. Below given my first observation which may help a developer in his day to day activities while working with AEM 6.4. This list may not be complete but definitely gives a good idea about the new things.

There are cloud related upgrades, Fluid experience support, efficient utilization of content intelligence etc in 6.4

Key notes on new features:

Core module version changes
  • AEM 6.4 build on top of updated versions of the OSGi-based framework (Apache Sling and Apache Felix)
  • Java Content Repository has the latest version: Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.8.2
  • The Quickstart uses Eclipse Jetty 9.3.22 as Servlet engine.

New Style System is available which allow users in Page Editor to select from a subset of styles via UI. The Core Components which were part of AEM 6.3, and now joined by the Style System, provides an efficient way to build new and extend existing sites.
Workflow model editor is now more user friendly.
Assets improvements related to machine learning like smart crop, smart tag, smart search etc reduces the manual activities drastically.

Some of the location/path changes to be noted are,
  • Template design information location is moved from /etc/design to support sites specific settings in /conf. But clients who are moving from older version to new version can remain using /etc/design.
  • Moved default location for segments into /conf to have site/context specific Segment lists.

Component & Template Development related upgrades
  • Project Archetype 13+
  • HTL version 1.3.1
  • Core Components 2.0.4
There are a set of UI changes too.
  • 'Content Tree' rail to quickly navigate a hierarchy
  • Improved interaction with the search results
  • Keyboard shortcuts, for most common actions
  • Ability to enable/disable keyboard shortcuts
Content Fragments & Services, Experience Fragments
  • Introduced Structured Content Models as foundation for content fragments.
  • New Model editor UI is available with a Pre-configured data elements for content fragment models.
  • Improved the usability of the AEM Content Fragment editor like Enhanced rich text editing capabilities, Full screen editing for single elements.
  • Content Service is enhanced with JSON output via Sling Model Exporter.
  • Integrated AEM Experience Fragments with Adobe Target.
Interested in taking a first look at AEM 6.4 UI and dash board? Watch this video.

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