Thursday 12 April 2018

Enterprise Digital Asset Management through AEM - The AEM 6.4 Assets New Capabilities

AEM Assets provide an option for digital asset creation , management and delivery. The new  and powerful intelligent asset management helps marketers and IT to organize, adapt, distribute rich media & experiences at scale across various customer journey.

Let us see the new AEM Asset features in detail.

Below given some of them.

Asset Management: Provides a place to manage, govern, and distribute assets across enterprise businesses, teams, projects, and customer channels.

Creative & Marketing Workflows: The new AEM provides deep connectivity across the Adobe Creative Cloud applications & services to uniquely source, scale, accelerate creative production.

Dynamic Media Transform & Delivery: The new dynamic media enables reuse of digital assets to rapidly adapt, compose, and deliver dynamic experiences with speed and impact.

Cloud & Open Architecture: The new AEM provides modern & scalable platform with a robust API & ecosystem, which helps to manage approved assets across any team and integrate with 3rd party applications.

Content Intelligence through Adobe Sensei - New AEM is easily integrated with Sensei, which has capabilities of machine learning and advanced algorithms to help organization discover hidden assets with auto-tagging, accelerate slow processes with automated workflows, and decide what matters with insights & analytics.

Digital Asset Management(DAM) Trends

Many organizations still lacking the capability of a true enterprise DAM even though they had a vision for an enterprise DAM or through multiple fragmented solutions.

Some of the common challenges which an organization faces are Unable to find assets, Increasing touchpoints, Duplicate assets, Slow rollout, efficiency Growing number of projects, collaborators, teams, Increasing creative costs, Global Sharing & Access Security & Compliance costs etc. These challenges could be over come through Creative & Marketing Workflows, Cloud solutions, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Integration & Openness.

What are all the new DAM capabilities in AEM Asset 6.4?

Creative Cloud Connectivity: Native Creative Cloud connector for Photoshop , Illustrator, & InDesign CC Adobe Stock Support through SSO. This also enables Search across AEM Assets and Creative Cloud Assets.

Smarter Asset Management
  • Smart Tags: 'custom tags' - Adobe Sensei learns from the taxonomy and tags to assist with cataloguing, making assets more findable & reusable.
  • Search: 'smart translation' - Use Machine Learning to auto-translate tags & search phrases on the fly
  • Metadata: 'rules & bulk operations' - New admin tools for metadata schema rules, import/export of metadata
  • Brand Portal: 'file sharing & distribution' - A secure, turn key cloud service for on demand asset distribution to internal teams, external partners,agencies,resellers. Quickly and cost effectively improve asset sharing efficiency, accelerate time to market, and reduce non-compliance and risk.

Media Transformation & Delivery
Smart Crop Emerging Media: 3D, VR, Panoramic media management &viewers, Experience Fragments support with Dynamic Media

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