Thursday 1 February 2018

How do we estimate an AEM Migration project?

There are scenarios where we need to migrate any existing CMS content to AEM. The steps for migration are given in my previous post.

Now let us see how do we estimate the migration activities.

Below given the activities for doing a proper estimation. The assumption is that the entire site is re-created in AEM as is.
  1.         List down the templates: Identify all the templates in site.
  2.         Estimate the templates: Estimate time for creating each template.(Skip the same types, consider only unique ones)
  3.         List components: Identify all the identical components to be created.
  4.         Estimate the components: Define time for each unique component creation.
  5.         Analyze the current CMS content ( XML/JSON Data) : Analyse the content. It may have textual content, metadata, tags etc.
  6.         Estimate the scripts for each components (XML/JSON Data to AEM Component): Now estimate time required to migrate the content using any of the content migration approach/ scripts.
  7.         Analyse asset migration: Find out how the assets are organised in current system. Find out the ways to move them to AEM.
  8.         Estimate asset migration and categorization(Extract and update metadata for digital assets on AEM): Here we need to calculate time required to move entire asset(not duplicates) to AEM.
  9.         Estimate Analytics part: Calculate the analytics implementation
  10.         Analyse the integrations: Find out all integration points and ways to replicate it in AEM.
  11.         Estimate Integration (Login, Authorization, Search): List out the time for integration implementation
  12.         Analyse the workflows:Find all the workflows to be created in AEM
  13.         Estimate Workflow creation: Estimate time for creating workflows based on the complexity.
If the site has to be redesigned, we need to consider the design activities also as part of estimation. We also need to estimate time for,
  • Environment setup(dev,qa,prod,dr)
  • Testing
  • Release configurations & activities
  • Additional authoring after the content migration.
Above activities helps to provide a valid estimation for any migration project.
Migrating a CMS website content to AEM? Follow this steps:

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