Saturday 24 February 2018

AEM 6.4 Features

Our team had a chance to attend partner session of AEM 6.4 and excited to see the new features of AEM 6.4.

We are going to explain all of them in latest blog posts soon.

AEM 6.4 New Features

AEM 6.4 is a powerful digital marketing single platform which takes advantage of cloud, online & physical channel connectivity utilization of machine learning to personalized customer experience. AEM 6.4 is basically a cloud based architecture and shift content management from 'channel driven' to 'journey driven' now.

The latest AEM features are given below

1. Features based on cloud integration:
Efficient Omni-channel experience:
The latest tightly integrated Adobe Marketing cloud and Adobe experience cloud helps utilize content and data more closely than before. This helps in a fluid experience across all touchpoints.

Adobe Experience Cloud and Security:
Now the managed service clients have access to cloud manager which accelerates deployments and updates through a dedicated and powerful devops system which also ensures the security across channels.

Intelligent content delivery:
Utilizing the Sensei,  we can design , automate the best experiences to provide a 360 degree view of content which is most sensible to a specific user when ever he requires and in a suitable place.

What s Adobe Sensei?
 Adobe Sensei, is Adobe's Artificial Intelligence and machine learning framework, which automates the delivery of personalized content, empowering marketers to work smarter and faster.

Flexibility of accessing assets from Experience Manager to Creative cloud.
The Marketing cloud - Creative cloud(AMC-ACC) integration helps search, access, modify an asset stored in Experience Manager more quicker from a creative cloud.

3D capabilities:
Experience manager integration with Adobe Dimension CC, 3D assets can be easily convert to marketing assets.

2. Features based on AEM Usability

New Single Page Applications(SPA ) capability in AEM:
Now we can utilize the SPA editor and utilize any latest technology to integrate across multi channels.

Smart Tags and utilization:
Now using smart tags , we can discover relevant images easily & quickly. Utilizing

Dynamic Media Capabilities & Smart Imaging
Now utilizing the intelligent media capabilities, smart imaging understands the situation and compress the images and ensures a faster delivery. Smart crop is based on Adobe Sensei and detects the image which helps to crop the images more efficiently.

Automated Forms conversion:
A smart way of converting forms in other formats like PDF to a more user friendly mobile supported presentation.

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the Adobe Sensei capabilities, we can train the algorithm and in future use this information to automatically add metadata keywords.

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