Friday 7 April 2017

ContextHub/Segments - Audience Creation

ContextHub/Segments - Audience Creation

ContextHub is a new form(Touch based) of Segments available in previous version of AEM. The ContextHub page provides information about the default and user created stores and UI modules that have been created, the client library folders that are loaded, and links to useful pages.

Click on below link to open your local ContextHub Audience Page in AEM 6.2

It provides grid/ list views.

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ContextHub 'Create' provides 2 options

  1. Create Target Audience: Helps to configure the Target Audience by selecting the Target Configuration, which is already configured.
  2. Create Context Hub Segment: A section where we can add new segments and update existing ones.

Below screen lists the segments available.

Once you click on Create Context Hub Segment, below screen appears
Enter the segment title and boost value if it has to be boosted on evaluation

Once Context Hub Segment is created, select the newly created one and edit it

Now click on the + Icon and Insert New Component,  select 'Container AND'

Again click on the newly added container AND and select 'Comparison: Property - Property'

Now the container appears as below with property null.

Now edit the property as below , so that the newly added Context Hub Segment becomes a 'male' test based on profile.

Once we select the user/persona as shown below the Segment satisfy the condition

If persona is selected as female the condition becomes un-satisfied.

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