Friday 7 April 2017

ClientContext in AEM

The Client Context holds dynamic user data. Content Targeting works based on Client Context. Various user aspects can be used to target specific people and this data comes from Client Context. Client Context data can be used for analytics and other usage in a page using Javascript. Touch UI uses Context Hub instead of Client Context.

Client Context works based on below aspects:

The session store: Holds the dynamic user data.
The Simulation UI: Which displays the user data and assists in simulating the user experience.
A javascript API: Page can interact with session stores.

In classic UI, selecting the icon opens the Client Context as shown.

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Simulation examples:

We can click on the user icon as shown below and select different types of users and test the user personalization in various pages.

Now click on preview select the user/ Persona and change for male and female.

Once male user is selected from PERSONA

Once female user is selected from PERSONA

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