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Thursday 5 June 2014

AEM Run modes - Ports - CRX

CQ/AEM Run modes

1 Author
2 publish

default is always author

AEM - CQ Ports:

Default port of AEM is 4502,if this port is not available its next look up ports as 8080,8081...

AEM installation first time takes more time:
This is the time all set up is done in system level. All packages, jar files, lucene, webserver etc installed during this time.

Accessing AEM Main console:

CRX interface:

Felix console:

IDE's for CQ- AEM
  1. CRXDE Lite- browser based
http://localhost:4505/crx/de or http://localhost:4505/crxde

Limitations of CRXDE Lite:
  • You cannot debug JSP/Java code
  • No Auto code completion
  1.   CRXDE Eclipse
Below given the image of CRXDE once loaded first time. It contains 3 folders by default.
  • apps
  • etc
  • libs.

Configuring CRXDE to add more directories can be done at below location

/etc/crxde/profiles/default -> crxde:paths -> To add new directories, add required directories here as shown.

Directory structure CRX

content dir-all contents like page,
tmp-file moved from desktop to cq will be placed first in tmp
Home- All created user & groups are stored in home directory
apps- ALL new CQ apps/projects created here
etc- all website design, client lib, css, js
lib- code of the core functionality
var- all auditing info stored here like adding page, deleting page etc. all user compiled class files are cached here
jcr:System- version contents stored here
rep:policy,rep:repoPolicy- repository level permission(users & groups) are stored here
bin- to deploy our custom servlets.

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