Tuesday 9 November 2021

AEM Asset Upload Size restriction - How to overcome?

By default, AEM supports Assets that are smaller than 2 GB because of a file size limit. However, you can overwrite this limit by going into CRXDE Lite and creating a node under the /apps directory detailed in URL.

Refer URL : RAW Assets Size More info: 


Is there any limit to upload an asset?

It can be configured to 30 GB also. AEM doesnt define a size limit.

What we need to ensure while changing the default behavior?

  • When we make this changes, ensure you take care of the time out limit on OSGi and Dispatcher idle time so that AEM keep listening the asset upload.
  • Also major point; consider the AEM's default asset processing, and hardware configurations while making this changes. 

Demo Video


  1. I'd note that this is a limitation of AEM On Premise / Managed Service. With Cloud Service there's effectively no upload size limitation.

    1. Thanks for pointing that @Dan. Yes the demo is carried out over AEM On premise.