Tuesday 12 February 2019

Performance Monitoring in AEM Projects

There are many reasons for performance issue in AEM projects. Identifying them and fixing in right time is mandatory to make the project successful.

Common causes of performance issues

From years people were monitoring performance issues  and identified a pattern. The issues starts from beginning of the project to end. Examples could be a poor design, poorly written code, lack of caching, memory sizing, network bandwidth latency, no proper load balancing at end point etc.

How to prevent performance issues?

1) By running multiple tests: Load tests, stress tests etc can help identifying the issues before launch.
2) Stable AEM release: Install any recommended service packs, cumulative fixes, hot fixes etc.
3) Following guidelines : Follow Assets best practices recommended by Adobe, Content Architecture guidelines etc.
4) Proper Memory Management: Allocate sufficient RAM , disk space based on research guidelines.
5) Configurational practices: Proper logging,  Caching, Sling job queue tuning etc
6) Workflows tuning: Enable transient workflows, purge workflows on time etc.
7) Oak tuning : by creating custom indexing for repeated searches, Ensuring proper JVM parameters for index querying, better lucene index configuration, external data store for huge assets handling.
8) Tar storage tuning: TarMK revision clean, OS related fixes for Tar etc.

Adobe Cloud manager is having ability to identify many of such issues.

Always keep monitoring the system and check for the bug reports , Adobe forums etc to identify

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