Monday 4 February 2019

List of leading Headless CMS Solutions

What is Headless CMS?    
 HEADLESS = content.

What makes a real headless CMS? A headless cms is having a content first approach WITH full APIs to access the content in any way you want. Content first must be the approach behind Content Architecture. You start with looking at your content and structuring it and how it can be used now and in the future before you think of building anything UI wise. Its simple, Content First approach.

Below given a narrow list of headless CMSs in addition to AEM.

  •     Agility CMS
  •     Butter CMS
  •     Acquia
  •     e-Spirit
  •     Contentstack
  •     Contentful
  •     dotCMS
  •     Mura
  •     Cloud CMS
  •     Cockpit CMS
  •     Core dna
  •     Craft CMS
  •     Directus
  •     Storyblok
  •     GraphQL CMS
  •     Gentics Mesh
  •     Cosmic JS
  •     Kentico Cloud
  •     Quintype
  •     Sanity
  •     Scrivito
  •     Squidex
  •     DNN Evoq Content
  •     Strapi
  •     Superdesk

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