Thursday 22 June 2017

AEM 6.3 Content Fragments Basics

AEM 6.3 Supports Content Fragments to deliver content as a service.
Experience Fragments enables Experience-as-a-Service, where the CMS controls partial-page rendering, or Hybrid CMS, solutions that let you push your content to any channel — just as headless systems do — using a delivery tier that connects all those channels and shares data between them.

What is a content fragment?

  • Contains one or more Content Elements,
  • Content can have one or more  Variations.
  • Content fragment can be created based on templates which define the structure.
  • Content fragments are a type of new assets.
  • Content Fragment use existing Assets functionality & fully integrated with assets.
  • Content Fragments are well tied with Translation workflows, metadata schema.
         YouTube demo videos for Content Fragments:
         AEM 6.3 Content Fragments Basics
         Content Fragments AEM
         View Content fragment output in aem

A content fragment groups renditions, related items, associated items, metadata, model, elements, variations etc in a single Content.

Can we add a Content Fragment to a page?

Yes it can be added to a page using default content fragment component as other components.

Which is the API service for Content Fragments?
Latest AEM provides server side API com.adobe.cq.dam.cfm to programmatically interact with Content Fragments.

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