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Wednesday 11 April 2018

Can we use Auditor with AEM Sites? How to use Auditor with AEM Sites?

All Adobe Cloud hosted AEM sites can use Auditor service through their cloud platform. Let us understand Auditor in detail.

What is Auditor?

We all know an efficiently implemented software/website can bring best in class business for a customer.

Adobe provides unified platform for family of digital marketing solutions and services through 'Adobe Experience Cloud'. Through this interface we can quickly access the cloud solutions and related core services. One such core service is 'Activation'.

Auditor is a feature of the Activation Core Service which was co-developed with ObservePoint, who are one of the industry experts in validating digital implementations. Auditor access the Adobe Experience Cloud customers implementations and provide a report on the ways to improve it.

The three steps involved as part of Auditor analysis are,

Scan: This tool can scan 100 pages of Adobe technology at a time through this. There are a set of advanced filters to include or exclude pages.

Understand: From the report received, analyze the data in detail based on tag presence, configuration and consistency.

Improve: The report provides recommendations. Based on the recommended approach, follow the best practice and improve your implementation.

Who can get access to Auditor and what all we can do with Auditor?
All Adobe experience cloud customer have access to Auditor for auditing 100 pages. As of now analytics, Experience cloud ID Service, Media Optimizer, Target technologies can get scanned through Auditor.

How does the Auditor report look?
As of now the scanned report is a combination of URL's which were scanned and issues found vs recommendations at granular level. We can have the report downloaded in a spreadsheet format too. Report gives recommendations on 'how to improve your implementations to align with best practices'

How to run the scan?
From Adobe Experience Cloud navigation bar, follow below steps
  • Click Activation
  • Click Auditor
  • Click New Audit
  • Configure Scan: By providing a starting URL and clicking “Run Report”. An email will be received on completion.
  • Understand: Either from clicking link in email or through dashboard, understand the report and take necessary action.
What if I need to scan more than 100 pages through Auditor?
Contact ObservePoint.

Does the tool scan behind authentication?
As of now the authentication behind screens are not included. You will need to contact ObservePoint for this.

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