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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Translate content in AEM for multi lingual sites

Translate content in AEM for multi lingual sites
AEM is widely accepted for its capability of handling regional sites using its multi site management system. On completion of creating a site, it can be converted into various language copies using various methods. A page content, asset, user generated content can be converted into its language variations to effectively utilize the multi lingual web site capability of AEM. AEM provides translation service provider interfaces to translate the content.

The content can be translated into language version using either Machine options or Human methods.
Machine Translation: In this case the service quickly converts the content into its language version.
Human Translation: Professional translators are involved to convert the content.

Below given the core steps to translate the content,

  • Create translation integration frame work configurations.
  • Connect AEM with translation service provider.
  • Link the language master framework configurations with translation service.
  • Identify the type of content to translate.
  • Creating the root pages of language copies.
  • Prepare the content for translation by authoring master.
  • Create projects to collect the content to translate and to prepare the translation.
  • Use the created translation project to manage the content translation process.

AEM has constantly worked to improve the language translation process more easily.
The latest AEM version's multilingual enhancements Streamline localization efforts with the ability to translate a source file along with derived file.

There are new options to translate linked assets within InDesign files, Content Fragments.
AEM by default provides a translator tool to manage English strings to their language versions.

The console for managing the various translations of texts is available at http://<hostname>:<port-number>/libs/cq/i18n/translator.html
You can see the translator lists the texts with its various language translations listed.
Options like search, filter and edit the English and translated texts are provided here.

AEM also provides XML based language conversions(Using Translation ApI's), we can also export dictionaries to XLIFF(XML Localization Interchange File Format) format for translating, then import the translations back into the dictionaries.