Friday 31 July 2020

Ugrading from older versions of AEM to AEM as a cloud Service - Tools

There are some readily available tools which fasten the process of upgrading older AEM to AEM as a Cloud Service.

Cloud Readiness Analyzer-CRA
  • Cloud Readiness Analyzer report is built using the output of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Pattern Detector)
  • This gives high-level understanding of general upgrade readiness.
  • Helps accelerate the processes of assessing readiness to move from an existing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) deployment to AEM as a Cloud Service.
  • This tool generates a report that identifies areas of potential refactoring, which is the first step in the transition journey to AEM as a Cloud Service.
  • CRA is supported on AEM instances with version 6.1 and above (CRA is supported on AEM instances with version 6.1 and above)
  • CRA can run on any environment, but it is preferred to have it run on a Stage (Author) environment or clone of the production Author environment
  • CRA can be downloaded as zip and uploaded to AEM instance via Package Manager

Notes: CRA utilizes a system service user account named repository-reader-service(default available in AEM 6.2 and later, For AEM 6.1 we will have to manually create it) to execute the Pattern Detector. Version 6.3 and later we can access CRA via tools -> Operations -> Cloud Readiness Analyzer.
AEM 6.2 prvides a link that generates and downloads the CSV report.
and 6.1 the tool is not functional and only the HTTP interface may be used

Analyzer report
-  includes the following categories:
  • Application functionality that must be refactored
  • Repository items that must be moved to a supported location
  • Legacy user interface dialogs and components that must be modernized
  • Deployment and configuration issues
  • AEM 6.x features that have been replaced by new functionality or that are currently not supported on AEM as a Cloud Service
  • The report generation time required is highly dependent on the size and nature of the AEM repository content, the AEM version, and other factors
Content Transfer Tool CTT

This tool helps to move existing content over from a source AEM instance (on-premise or AMS) to the target AEM Cloud Service instance.
We can use this tool to transfer principals (users or groups) automatically

2 Steps involved
Extraction- extract the source content from AEM and keeping a temporary place called 'migration set'(cloud storage area provided by Adobe - inactive for more than 30 days it gets deleted )

Ingestion - ingesting content from the migration set into the target Cloud Service instance

**Content Transfer Tool creates a local copy of the repository that is later uploaded to the migration set. So ensure enough space is available in local/source AEM

  • Minimum req for CTT is  AEM 6.3 + and JAVA 8. On lower env upgrade your content repository to AEM 6.5 first
  • author AEM will be unavailable during the whole ingestion process.
  • The recommended upper limit for the repository size is 20 Gb
  • CTT can be downloaded as zip and uploaded to AEM instance via Package Manager
  • Access it from  navigate to tools -> Operations -> Content Transfer

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