Thursday 20 June 2019

Use of Media Handlers with AEM workflows to process Assets

In AEM projects, there are cases we may need to create pdf or png form of an html page for preview purpose. Media Handlers are a good help here. By using Media Handlers  we can process the AEM assets easily. Once configured, during asset uploads, the asset gets processed using either AEM provided handlers or command line tools.

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What is media Handlers?
They are services internal to AEM Assets that perform specific actions on assets. They work hand in hand with Workflows. The Media Handlers extract all available metadata from an asset; it has also capability of creating a thumbnail image.

Enable/ Disable

By default all the available Media Handlers are enabled. To disable them , just click on the disable button.

Go to http://localhost:4502/system/console/components to see all media handlers.

Some of the examples could be TextHandler, JpegHandler, PdfHandler etc

Read More about how to configure Media Handlers :

Below given two articles which shows how to generate image and PDF of a webpage.

AEM 6.5 - Generate Image of HTML files uploaded to DAM

AEM 6.5 - Workflow step to generate PDF of Sites page during Activation (Publish)

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