Tuesday 27 March 2018

Dynamic Media & Related Features in AEM 6.4

Dynamic Media helps content creator to author and deliver rich dynamic media experiences, which are optimized for any screen quickly and effortlessly.

The major features of Dynamic Media are listed below.
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Master file approach:
Dynamic Media works on one master file,and seamlessly create unlimited automatically created versions(size,format,resolution,crop,effect) for any media

Interactive Video
Create shoppable video experience which are engaging and having scrolling side panels & CTAs in minutes

Responsive Viewers and Adaptive videos
Automatically deliver combined videos and images the right format at the right quality and size to all screens with responsiveness and fit to the bandwidth adaptiveness

Interactive Imagery
Combine the images and add interactivity for a carousal effect and provide engaging shoppable hot spots for a better navigation

Easy build interactive elements
Visually create using WYSYUG editors and delivery immediately.

Smart imaging
images are automatically analyzed to deliver intelligently sized delivery.

Smart crop:
Automated Adobe Sensei enabled cropping feature for a appropriate area crop

Utilizing the Power of Dynamic Media with AEM
  • Integrates seamlessly with AEM assets to offer asset management, rich experience authoring and delivery
  • Easy author, build , customize and launch rich experiences quickly without the need for technical help
  • WYSIWYG look & feel and behavior editors for image viewers and video players
  • Shoppable Media creation interfaces allows speedy creation of image hotspots and shoppable video
  • Accelerated creation and deployment of personalization features for visual product builder and email/banners.
6.4 Related- Dynamic Media Capabilities
  • Interactive Media Integration with Experience Fragments
  • Smart Crop
  • Smart Imaging
  • Viewer Enhancements

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