Tuesday 2 May 2017

AEM 6.3 New features at a glance

AEM 6.3 New features at a glance

Adobe has release 6.3 version which is termed as a Minor Release, with general availability date April 26, 2017. AEM 6.3 is basically an upgrade to AEM 6.2 code base. JCR version used in current version is Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.6.1. Quickstart uses Eclipse Jetty version 9.2.19.

What is fresh in AEM6.3 ?
  1.     Enhanced functionality
  2.     Customer Fixes
  3.     High priority customer enhancements
  4.     general bug fixes for product stabilization
  5.     Also includes feature pack, hot fix, and service packs
Here we have listed the new features for quicker understanding.


  •     Search Boosting with Asset Metadata
  •     Advanced Configuration f Multi Value And Tag Search Predicates
  •     Comparing Assets using Review Task Compare
  •     Check-in/ Check-out assets with the AEM Desktop app
  •     Introduction to smart Tags
  •     Using Annotations in Assets
  •     Asset Tempates
  •     Dynamic Media Color Management
  •     Custom Video Thumbnails
  •     Non Flash Dynamic Media Player
  •     Dynamic Video Viewer Enhancements 


  •     Enhancements to Content Fragments
  •     Introducing Experience Fragments
  •     Touch UI Authoring Improvements
  •     Template Editor Enhancements
  •     Blueprint Configuration Manager Touch UI Interface
  •     Mixed Media Content Fragments
  •     Activity Map Integration
  •     Timewarp
  •     Live Copy Touch UI Interface
  •     Translation of AEM Content Fragments
  •     New Communities Features

Projects and Collaboration

  •     Calendar with AEM Projects
  •     Calendar with Inbox
  •     Project Masters


  •     Online Revision Cleanup
  •     New SSL Wizard
  •     Sling Model Exporters
  •     Sling Dynamic Include


  •     User Profile Integrations
  •     Data Integrations
  •     JDBC Based Form Data Model
  •     Service Creation in Form Data Model

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