HTL Syntax

HTL Syntax
HTL is strict with the syntax. Considering the types there are two types of HTL syntax.

Block Statements

Basically they are custom data attributes added directly to existing HTML.
Block statements are prefixed with data-sly.

Below given the block statements.
HTL sly-test
HTL sly-use
HTL sly-unwrap
HTL sly-text
HTL sly-attribute
HTL sly-element
HTL sly-repeat
HTL sly-list
HTL sly-resource
HTL sly-include
HTL sly-template
HTL sly-call

Expression Language
HTL expressions are evaluated at run time and their value is injected into the outgoing HTML stream.
HTL expressions are delimited by characters ${ and }.

Below given the Expression Languages.

HTL Variables
HTL Literals(Boolean, Number,Strings,Arrays)
HTL Operators(Logical Operators,Conditional (ternary) Operator, Comparison Operators, Grouping parentheses)
HTL Options(String Formatting,Internationalization,Array Join,Display Context)

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